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Tyler Dahl Fountain Pens

Nib grinding

Lever filler pen repair

A pen is an extension of your hand. It's a personal tool, that we use to make marking on a page. We, as fountain pen users, love to put a lot of character into what we write! One way of adding character to your pen is getting it's nib custom ground! I offer a full range of nib grinds, for all types of nibs. I try to maintain as low of prices as possible, so that anyone can afford to try out one of my nibs!

Crisp Italic for XF + nibs - I grind my crisp italics crisp! These nibs are not for everyone, they are mainly geared towards the professional calligrapher. These provide the best line variation with hairline cross-strokes and broad up/down strokes: $30.00

Cursive Italic for F + nibs - Smoother than a crisp italic yet still maintaining excellent line variation. This is my personal favorite nib grind. It provides a tactile feel to the writing experience but is still smooth and comfortable for everyday fast writing. I consider these the perfect mix of stub and crisp italic: $30.00

Stub for F + nibs - The perfect thing for those who want line variation but still want a buttery-smooth writing experience - Less variation than a crisp or cursive italic my stubs provide wonderful-smooth writing with variation for added flair: $30.00

Nib Downsize up to XF - Take existing nib down to a smaller size, XF at smallest - example: take existing broad down to a medium or fine: $30.00

Nib Downsize up to XXF - Take existing nib down to an XXF needlepoint. Priced according to the slightly more difficult procedure involved in this grind: $35.00

Architect re-grind. AKA, arabic/hebrew italic -

Please note: this grind requires a large amount of iridium to be present on the nib. Some nibs will be able to accept this grind, others will not. I will NOT grind the nib if I think there is not enough iridium. Each pen will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

These nibs were originally designed for those who write Arabic or Hebraic script, or are into architecture. They can still be used for the same thing, or they can just be a really fun nib shape. In a basic sense, they are a cursive italic nib, flipped 90 degrees. They provide thick sidestrokes, and thin up/down strokes. Priced according to the slightly more difficult procedure involved in this grind: $35.00


Note: Fountain pen repair is never an exact science. Because of this, repairs cannot be given a 100% guaranteed price estimate. Often times new parts may be needed, or the pen may require extra work that is not normal. Fixed repair prices will not be changed, unless of course a new part is in order. Any price with a + symbol on it lets you know what the "entry-price" of the repair is, and that it can go up from there. I appreciate you understanding on this!

Please visit this page for detailed instructions on sending your pen to me.

If you've got any questions, or aren't seeing something you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be happy to help you in any way I can!

Tyler Dahl